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2021 : Fixtures

5 March 2021
2020 Results – there is a couple of matches that have no match scorecard entries can the clubs please resolve – thank you

Division 2
08/08/2020 Brockham Green CC – 1st XI Old Suttonians CC, Surrey – 1st XI
Division 3
22/08/2020 Shere CC – 1st XI Cranleigh CC – 3rd XI Division

When checked and or corrected please advise our Results Secretary, thank you

27 February 2021

First Cut – Square @ Tadworth Cricket Club 27 February 2021 (Photo Tadworth Cricket)

from our League Secretary >

Hi All
Hope you are all well and looking forward to a possible full season of fixtures.

1) Various updates are coming soon from the cricket authorities and so we should see how cricket sits in the so-called roadmap.

2) last year’s SDL results have eventually been restored to the play cricket website and so I will attempt to upload the fixtures in the next couple of days. Thanks to Paul Griffiths for hassling the PlayCricket engineers. Fortunately, I made a video of Matt Camp showing me how to do it or else I’d certainly have forgotten by now.

3) Thanks also to the couple of clubs who responded re the handful of “awkward” fixtures issues that I highlighted. I will proceed on the basis of my proposed remedies.

4) Balls. We’ll be in touch about balls for the coming season shortly. A handful of clubs still have balls in my garage. My lovely wife had a tidy up in there so I hope she remembers where they were relocated to ?. If you can’t recall how many you think you have in there please ask me, when I request your ball requirements for 2021 in due course.

That’s it for now


Hon. Surrey Downs League Secretary – email 27 February 2021

“ed’s note lets have the Video Alan!!”

17 February 2021 – Fixtures Released !! Click / Hover on the above Fixtures with your mouse – and you should be there. CLick on the division you want to view.

A download file will be a little longer watch this space, but All Surrey Downs League Representatives were emailed a spread sheet.

not yet on play-cricket so please do not try and add any on your respective play-cricket sites.

11 February 2021 You may of noticed some issues with Play-Cricket 2020 Fixtures / results they are / were missing. and update from today (11 Feb) from the ECB Play-Cricket Squad :

‘currently working on this – moved the divisions back to 2020 and reinstated the fixtures, but now need to copy over the results and scorecards etc. So can you ask the league not to touch anything until we’ve finished, and also warn them that the restored scorecards will be from early October so anything they may have changed since then will have to be repeated manually’

11 February 2021 >
Fixture for 2021 : One Club when 2021 fixtures were all done and about to release and publish etc etc – advised of some dates when ground not available. So we have had to scrap them and start again. Not Great news considering repeated requests for the information!!

20 January 2021
Teams for 2021 Season:

Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4
Capel CC 1Brockham Green CC 1Albury CC 1Ashtead 4
East Horsley CC 1East Horsley CC 2Beddington Village CC 1Capel CC 2
Holmbury St. Mary CC 1Headley Old Freemen’s CC 1Burgh Heath CC 1Horsley & Send CC 4
North Holmwood CC 1Horsley & Send CC 3Cranleigh CC 3Nutfield CC 2
Nutfield CC 1Oakwood Hill CC 2Headley Old Freemen’s CC 2Ockley CC 1
Oakwood Hill CC 1Ockham CC 1Leatherhead CC 3Oxted & Limpsfield 4
Salfords CC 1Old Suttonians CC 1Old Woking CC 2Sutton CC 4
South Nutfield CC 1Old Woking CC 1Shere CC 1Tadworth CC 2
Tadworth CC 1Salfords CC 2Westcott CC 1Leatherhead CC 4
Woldingham Village CC 1South Nutfield CC 2Wonersh CC 1Twenty20 Academy XI
SurreyDowns.Org prediction based on 2020 Teams plus the two new teams for 2021

18 January 2021
Teams for 2021 Season?
Two teams will join the Surrey Downs league in Season 2021. So for 2021 Season The Surrey Downs League will return to 40 teams, which will mean 4 Divisions of 10 teams home and away. 18 scheduled matches!

17 January 2021
Teams for 2021 Season : Votes so far suggest likely to be forty – 40 – four zero!!

16 January 2021
2021 Season Start – First Saturday – 8 May 2021

15 January 2021
Not yet drafted nor published for juggling of teams and new clubs and teams looking to join the Surrey Downs League for the 2021 Season 46.

So please watch this space for more information as “we” SurreyDowns.Org receive

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