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Cricket in England : Step 4

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Relaxation of Covid Restrictions from July 19th 2021
As the final part of the gradual opening up of the UK national lockdown, many restrictions affecting amateur cricket were relaxed on 19th July 2021. For full details see the documents recently circulated to all clubs.

The Surrey Downs League exec committee endorses the suggestions in the “Cricket in England at Step 4” and “Recreational Cricket COVID Guidance in England Step 4 – July” documents which advise maintaining social distancing and hygiene measures, even though these are no longer mandatory.

Given the currently surging case (and self-isolation) numbers in England, including Surrey, the exec committee feel it is wise to urge clubs to continue to be prudent for the rest of the season. After all, if many players are ill or self-isolating then we will have less cricket. This has also clearly been the tone of further communications to leagues from the ECB via Surrey cricket.

Some key specific points

A recent informal poll of our clubs indicated that very few are willing and/or able to provide teas for the rest of the season. Therefore, the Surrey Downs League exec committee recommend that “no teas” or drinks be the expectation for the rest of the season. That of course means that in most cases players should thus continue to bring their own food and drink to matches.

A couple of clubs have indicated that they are happy to provide teas. This is fine as long as they are confident that they can provide them safely. Given that most clubs will not be providing teas then clubs who do so will be doing this without any expectation of being given a tea when they play away. Additionally, it might well be that players from their own side, as well as the visitors, choose not to take up the offer of tea. Bearing this in mind it would probably be a good idea for those clubs considering providing a tea to contact the opposition in advance of the fixture. Levying a charge for any tea provided should occur ONLY with explicit agreement of the opposition, given in advance of match.

Changing rooms:
In stage 3 of lockdown the use of changing rooms was permitted, subject to restrictions on numbers. There was and remains no expectation that any club in the Surrey Downs League should provide changing room space this season. However, some clubs have indicated that they are happy to allow this for the rest of the current season.

The SDL exec committee recommends that clubs who wish to may open their changing rooms do so for the storage of players kit and for brief changing only. Based on the typical size of changing rooms in our league, we recommend that no more than 4 or 6 players should be allowed in any changing room at the same time, and that time inside should be kept to a minimum. Clubs who allow this should make sure this is monitored. Changing rooms should be well ventilated by opening as many windows as possible.

If visiting players want to know whether they will be able to change we recommend that their club contacts the opposition in advance.

The position in the current regulations closely mirrors that on the use of changing rooms. Our informal poll showed that very few clubs were willing to open up their showers this season. Visitors should therefore not expect to be able to shower at games in the Surrey Downs League for the rest of this season

Sanitation breaks:
In line with the advisory documents mentioned above, the Surrey Downs League exec recommends continuing with sanitation breaks for the rest of the season, but suggest these should be every 10 overs rather than every 6 overs as previously.

Polishing the ball:
in previous stages saliva was not to be applied to the ball for polishing purposes. This is now not explicitly forbidden in the regulations. However, all Surrey leagues have received advice from the ECB that leagues should “make a call on whether saliva can be used on the ball or not for the remainder of this season”. For simplicity and continuity, the Surrey Downs League exec committee recommends that no saliva should be applied to the ball for the rest of this season.

Lateral flow tests (LFTs):
These are free in England and the Surrey Downs League committee recommends that clubs obtain a stock of LFTs and keep them in the clubhouse. This will enable players to take a test at the club if they have not been able to do so beforehand at home.

In addition to this advice from the Surrey Downs League Executive Committee, your respective club committees may also wish to add advice (and make preparations) relating to all the issues raised above. Let’s look forward to a safe and enjoyable second half to our season.

Surrey Downs League Executive Committee
21st July, 2021

The Surrey Downs League /

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