Surrey , England UK

2021 : Fixtures – Division 1

The Surrey Downs League

WEEK08-May-2021Oakwood Hill 1vWoldingham Village
East Horsley1vNutfield 1
1North HolmwoodvSouth Nutfield 1
Salfords 1vTadworth 1
Holmbury St MaryvCapel 1
WEEK15-May-2021Woldingham VillagevCapel 1
Tadworth 1vHolmbury St Mary
2South Nutfield 1vSalfords 1
Nutfield 1vNorth Holmwood
Oakwood Hill 1vEast Horsley1
WEEK22-May-2021East Horsley1vWoldingham Village
North HolmwoodvOakwood Hill 1
3Salfords 1vNutfield 1
Holmbury St MaryvSouth Nutfield 1
Capel 1vTadworth 1
WEEK29-May-2021Woldingham VillagevTadworth 1
South Nutfield 1vCapel 1
4Nutfield 1vHolmbury St Mary
Oakwood Hill 1vSalfords 1
East Horsley1vNorth Holmwood
WEEK05-Jun-2021North HolmwoodvWoldingham Village
Salfords 1vEast Horsley1
5Holmbury St MaryvOakwood Hill 1
Capel 1vNutfield 1
Tadworth 1vSouth Nutfield 1
WEEK12-Jun-2021Woldingham VillagevSouth Nutfield 1
Nutfield 1vTadworth 1
6Oakwood Hill 1vCapel 1
East Horsley1vHolmbury St Mary
North HolmwoodvSalfords 1
WEEK19-Jun-2021Salfords 1vWoldingham Village
Holmbury St MaryvNorth Holmwood
7Capel 1vEast Horsley1
Tadworth 1vOakwood Hill 1
South Nutfield 1vNutfield 1
WEEK26-Jun-2021Woldingham VillagevNutfield 1
Oakwood Hill 1vSouth Nutfield 1
8East Horsley1vTadworth 1
North HolmwoodvCapel 1
Salfords 1vHolmbury St Mary
WEEK03-Jul-2021Holmbury St MaryvWoldingham Village
Capel 1vSalfords 1
9Tadworth 1vNorth Holmwood
South Nutfield 1vEast Horsley1
Nutfield 1vOakwood Hill 1
WEEK10-Jul-2021Woldingham VillagevOakwood Hill 1
Nutfield 1vEast Horsley1
10South Nutfield 1vNorth Holmwood
Tadworth 1vSalfords 1
Capel 1vHolmbury St Mary
WEEK17-Jul-2021Capel 1vWoldingham Village
Holmbury St MaryvTadworth 1
11Salfords 1vSouth Nutfield 1
North HolmwoodvNutfield 1
East Horsley1vOakwood Hill 1
WEEK24-Jul-2021Woldingham VillagevEast Horsley1
Oakwood Hill 1vNorth Holmwood
12Nutfield 1vSalfords 1
South Nutfield 1vHolmbury St Mary
Tadworth 1vCapel 1
WEEK31-Jul-2021Tadworth 1vWoldingham Village
Capel 1vSouth Nutfield 1
13Holmbury St MaryvNutfield 1
Salfords 1vOakwood Hill 1
North HolmwoodvEast Horsley1
WEEK07-Aug-2021Woldingham VillagevNorth Holmwood
East Horsley1vSalfords 1
14Oakwood Hill 1vHolmbury St Mary
Nutfield 1vCapel 1
South Nutfield 1vTadworth 1
WEEK14-Aug-2021South Nutfield 1vWoldingham Village
Tadworth 1vNutfield 1
15Capel 1vOakwood Hill 1
Holmbury St MaryvEast Horsley1
Salfords 1vNorth Holmwood
WEEK21-Aug-2021Woldingham VillagevSalfords 1
North HolmwoodvHolmbury St Mary
16East Horsley1vCapel 1
Oakwood Hill 1vTadworth 1
Nutfield 1vSouth Nutfield 1
WEEK28-Aug-2021Nutfield 1vWoldingham Village
South Nutfield 1vOakwood Hill 1
17Tadworth 1vEast Horsley1
Capel 1vNorth Holmwood
Holmbury St MaryvSalfords 1
WEEK04-Sep-2021Woldingham VillagevHolmbury St Mary
Salfords 1vCapel 1
18North HolmwoodvTadworth 1
East Horsley1vSouth Nutfield 1
Oakwood Hill 1vNutfield 1

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