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Albury Cricket Club

Cricket was first played at Albury in 1789 when the Earl of Onslow brought over a team to play the village. There is no record of the result, but it is thought the game took place on the other side of the road to the present ground.

In 1985 the Duke of Northumberland granted a long-term lease to the newly formed Albury Cricket Club for the site we now use. At first games were only played against the closest villages. Even in the 1950’s a player who moved to Gomshall felt he could no longer play for the club as he had “moved out of the area”!

During the 70’s the club started to play league cricket and started a successful climb up through various competitions. We had some notable results in the Surrey evening knock-out competition, the fore-runner to T20 cricket, playing in three finals and winning once.

The club owes much to Roland Woods who tended the wicket, played through 5 decades, captained the club and who until recently, when he unfortunately passed away, could be seen every day of the year keeping a watchful eye on the ground.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins, the well-known journalist and Test Match Special commentator was a long-standing playing member, and often brought first-class players, including Test Players, to play against the club in Charity matches.

Albury Cricket Club, Albury Heath GU5 9DB


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